What will they build next???

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Yeah, they are more than my house!!!! And my house is a LOT bigger than that!!!
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Yeah, those are SWEET!!!!!! Over a million pretty easily!!
But I'd never seen anything like these.
Those things are overpriced match boxes made of fiberboard and all other sorts of cheap materials obtainable. And the depreciation? Not worth a half plug of chew in 5 years. Seen sturdier tree houses the kids slapped up. Just my opinion of prefab homes in general.
The trailer types are pretty much junk ,many are made in Indiana the trailer capitol of the world as far as manufacturing goes.

The prefabs that are more or less modualized buildings are not too bad.The ones I've seen are just houses build on a removable frame work.Plenty of wall studding ,well insulated etc.The only advantage I could see is they are a fast way to get into a home rather than a conventional stick build houses.

Being rather old school I too prefer conventional building practices.Framing a house is not where to cost is,finishing is what costs like the national debt.Around these parts to have one built you are looking at 100 bucks plus per square foot finished.

If I'm not mistaken just the replacement costs on the house I'm typing this post from is over 170 per because of the goodies inside.Lawdy it would cost more to rebuild than I paid in total for the danged whole place,geeze.Imagine what it would be in the Keys ,California or New Hampshire,Lawdy.:O