Welcome to TH, William!!!!!


May 6, 2005
South East Sweden
I just wanted to say welcome to my friend, William Green who just registered.

Make a post and say hello, William.

There are a big bunch of good people here!

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He is registering now, but have some troubble getting in.
William Greene is is housername.
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He is IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st post

hello everyone, i finally made it in here. i'm glad magnus steered me over here. i'm expecting him & family to have a good time over here. and i expect to probably meet some of you as well. i'll be checking in regular like,so off i go to check this place out!
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That pic William chose for Avatar is a good story on it's own.

It is taken here in Sweden at a gas station we stoped by on when we went to see Husqvarna muséum and factory.

Williams expression when we steped in to factory was worth a million!
But that is another story!

thanks for the warm reception guys.this looks like a good site,like magnus's!
i'll be in here as much as i can.but during the spring,summer & fall especially i'm a pretty busy one man band,with firewood & chainsaw sales & repair. during the winter is my goof-off time,it's pretty calm then. about april things pick-up and go till christmas,same old cycle-but i like it! i just started selling solo chainsaws 1 month or so ago,no sales yet. but they will start sometime soon. i try and move 150-200 cords of split firewood & 75-125 saws a year.that's more than enough entertainment for me. i'm glad to be part of your group :D
Welcomee to the Tree House William, it a great place to be.

BTW, would you be related to this guy...I hear he's handy with duct tape!:P

Look for ward to reading you in up comming posts.



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Hey William glad to see ya here, this place is every bit as cool as the CSCF!
You are really going to like it here, maybe you can get Forest to join us, I think he would find a lot of good info here for an up and coming saw dealer and wood cutter.
See Ya
Welcome the the tree house william, good to see cool people from all around the globe. Nice siggy bro.