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I just picked up a decent Vermeer 630B this week. Nice used machine, would make someone a nice starter machine ect.

I am kinda backlogged on projects so I think I might sell this one as is before I refurbish it.

I will post pics tonight.

Anyone thinkin about buying a little tow behind stumper??
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Heres some pics.

The motor has been replaced (before I got it)with a low hour military surplus Wisconsin. The motor looks like hell but it runs really nice. The ignition and starter have been switched from 24V back to 12V.

I have the old motor, it has a spun rod bearing.

It is fairly tight and does everything it should.


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I have it listed on Craigslist and in the local paper for $5200.00.

For a TH'er $4200.00
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Yes, it could use tires. porobably down to 40% right now.
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It only took 3 months but this sold today.
Congrats,at least you sold it. Be thankful for that.

I still have my old chipper that hasn't sold. Tried here locally over the summer but no takers. Now it it is being sold on consignment at our Morbark dealer. That was back in September. I always get a end of the year rush of work before the true winter really sets in. I thought someone would have snagged on it back in October. Or at least for a tax deduction for the end of the year.

They told me it might be like this as sales are kind of slow. The next good time is early spring. I hope I get rid of it by then as I could use the money.

Should have sold it on e-bay this summer like I was going to but I really didn't want the e-bay hazzle. That would have been over and done with by now.

Hindsight is a killer.