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Mar 6, 2005
I missed the movie, but it's playing on AMC at 7.

Check out this cool fight scene, and a good tune too! :drink:

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I really liked the movie. Didn't think Brad Pitt would do well in that role. But he pulled it off rather well I thought.
I'm not a Brad Pit fan but he was awesome in that movie! Definitely kicked some serious arse.
Oh, I believe him to be one of the greatest. With that said he still suprised me pulling of his role in Troy.
I've seen it a couple of times, good movie. I'm glad I live now and not in ancient times.
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No, it was widespread everywhere back then and they didn't consider it to be "gay" but moreso as a form of birth control.
I wonder if they had AIDS back then. Of course the average life span was like 20-40 years...
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Actually, I don't remember a thing about that part; but seeing as how promiscious they were back then, I would say yes.