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Climbing Up
Aug 25, 2005
Ceres, CA
My first tree falling video. I took this with my digital camera. Mistakes: My daughter did the filming and wasn't the steadiest platform, my upper wedge cut was a little behind the lower wedge cut so by the time they met it was 50% of the tree diameter. My 046 wasn't at it's sharpest. The tree trunk was a kind of a weird shape and was a little larger than my bar so I had to do some fooling around to get everything even. Oh, and I think I forgot to hold my stomach in.

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It was a raewood ash. Most of them have some dieback and the research guys are working on what's causing it. I killed the tree because according to the owner it was too big, it was raising the sidewalk, and it made a bunch of leaves on the neighbor's driveway. Point taken Bodean. Skwerl, you kill me.
Strange how they just let you leave the tree in the middle of the road like that. And don't worry about holding in your belly, that is why they make longer bars. Nice flop
With rare exception, I don't take a step without engaging the chain brake.

Were you wearing safety glasses?8)

It's nice when you can drop it into the street and have the chipper RIGHT there!

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Next time I'll get some video of the clean-up. Actually my daughter overheard the neighbor saying to our customer that she wanted us to give her a bid on some tree trimming/removal at her house also. So she cleaned up extra good and the guy tipped us $100 and I was instructed to share it with her and Freddie. Should I give them the whole hundred?
Nah , give them each $5 and keep $90 for yourself. Explain that this is normal sharing. You had all the risk so they can't have alll the bennies, Besides after expenses you still lost $5 so they really ought to each pony up and share their windfalls with you.
Why in all these vids doesn't anybody bend down and cut the tree off at the ground???

You guys really set the chainbrake all the time if your not cutting??
Why in all these vids doesn't anybody bend down and cut the tree off at the ground???

You guys really set the chainbrake all the time if your not cutting??

I always wonder that too. It is my prefered method.

I usually set the chain brake and put the bar cover back on for extra safety.
I stop the saw, remove the chain and wrap each sharp tooth individually with tape in between cuts in order to avoid any unneccessary risk.
Truth be told, the chainbrakes are the cheapest (quality wise) built part of the saw. I have always thought the more you use the chain brake, the more it wears out and the less likely it will be in working order when you need it (kickback).

I have a few guys that make a cut then hammer the chainbrake on when they finish a cut with the chain still moving. Good for the parts guys bad for the saws.
Great video Steve! I'm not a applying the chainbrake kind of guy myself except while climbing, on the ground never.
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As far as not cutting this one closer to the ground it had those little bushes all around it right against the trunk. They wanted to save as many of the bushes as they could.