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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
One of the young fellas that works with me told me about this, its software that uses multiple users (seeds) to obtain music, movies etc. Bit Torrent.

then you go to a site like: Minova or Isohunt, search for whatever it is you want and start the download.

Currently I am downloading ratatouille and shooter. I am having problems configuring the software to talk to my router directly so the DL speed isnt fantastic but I am working on it. :)

Anyone else using this, thoughts, tips?
I heard about it last year. I also heard that Comcast has been caught throttling transmission speeds for bit torrents in order to discourage and limit bandwidth usage. The way I understand it, the technology allows the information to be broken up and sent over many dozens of separate channels. Then when it gets to the other end, it puts the file back together like a jigsaw puzzle. This is the oversimplified, 'dog watching television' explanation.
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RJS, I think thats about how it was explained to me. Sounds straightforward enough...
It works the same way as the transporter on Star Trek. "Beam me up, Scotty"
i find that turning off the firewall helps; too many streams sometimes to open ports etc.; this is riskier but faster. In fact the free Computer Associates(best deal in town, usually a pay service) firewall that you can get by request if you have Brighthouse cable can crash. i like IsoHunt best(MiniNova 2nd), because it(IsoHunt) has listings of most of the rest of these torrent providers...

i like the uTorrent agent for the download agent; and a while back i set something to help fight the throttling(that does happen); but can't remember what it was presently. Also; in u Torrent there is an option on each download to adjust it's bandwidth allotment. Uploading speed/volume is capped the most by cable companies, so limit that to not get flagged as fast supposedly helps. It really doesn't matter to them if you upload a lot, except you could then run your own site without having to buy space; by using your own space. So, they limit it so they can sell you that as an extra package
I have downloaded 4 movies so far, 1 had a codec that was no decodeable, and the others I have burned to DVD. Cost me 44 bucks for a burner at walmart and 13 dollars for 15 dvdrw's. I like the dvd rw's because you can re-write if you screw it up.
So far I have gotten the Rambo 4 and the AVPr movies burnt. If I was to go and buy which there not out yet it would hace cost me about 40 bucks. So in a saturday night and a sunday morn i have already recouped my cost.:) Thanks for the link.
i like the Lightscribe burners that you flip the disk over and burn a label on after recording. The down side is that the disks cost $1 for R's and the writing; take about half hour to label and pics are only greyscale. There is something new and similar out; that i haven't tried.

The cost of the burners are about what you quote. The quality is sharp and permanent on the best setting; and slick enough for fair gifts. It is so great to have pro, non paper labels. Paper labels can peel and also off balance the high rpm disks; neither of which is good. Magic markers can smear; be hard to read and some can even eat thru to the inside aluminum disk that the material is on. Magic Marker inert ingredients can legally change from batch to batch; what works write 1 time, might be wrong the next time(also known to be same for marking ropes); that is why there are cd/dvd specific markers. This used to be a bigger thing, as some marker producers try to watch it now.

i about only download educational and technical computer training and programs; helped me get my NET+ CompTIA certification, L-earn Flash, Fireworks, Office some Linux etc. i guess i'm jest a fool fer a good time! i'll also review a computer for dummies or bible (both maid by same publisher) etc. book(off torrent site) and sometimes buy it; to have something to hold while i read (instead of off screen, besides some study says that book reading is 120% easier than off screen for some reason); be able to mark and take on trips etc.

ummmmmmmmmmm; What's with the shadow over the tapered end of the subject of the swing (dutched + tapered) stump avatar?
LOL I fee like a real tree house pirate due to Paul B's spurring.

I could have searched DVD forums for a month and still not learned what I just learned from your posting tree spyder! Thank you very much.

The bit torrent does remind me of an old peer to peer program called Napster.