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Anybody heard of this nut? Wife and I rented the movie "Grizzly Man" thinking it was a cool nature show and it was a rather disturbing tale of this crazy dude. 18 yrs with the grizzlies and got eaten alive!!!

He really didnt seem to have too much knowledge of anything - just liked to escape society and run around with deadly animals. Sad part is he got his girlfriend killed too. And he has this creepy voice, always telling the animals he loved them, talking to them like children. Weird.
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yah - its far from a relaxing nature show - once the talk of ribcages started....
I haven't seen it yet, but I heard clips on O&A where he is yelling at the fox to bring him back his hat. That guy was NUTS.

The guy was a goddam idiot.

I was up there when he and his girlfriend got eaten. All the newspapers up there were like, "well it was bound to happen, and it finally did! HA! Told ya so!" Pretty much every Alaskan hates his guts. He did a huge disservice to bears in Alaska.

Everyone says stuff like, "they're more afraid of you than you are of them" and stuff like that. That's true to a point. He made them out to be people, and better than people. Brown bears are friggin deadly, wild animals. If you know how to deal with them, you'll likely be OK. Mess with them, and it's a ticking clock. He tried to tell people it was OK to view them as trustworthy and as having feelings.

I've had six very close bear encounters. Never scared during any of them, but that's because I knew what I was doing, and how to deal with a bear...and quess what...I'm still alive. Don't ever trust a bear any further than you can throw them. Which isn't very far.

Personally, I'm glad he's gone. I won't say I'm glad he's dead, and certainly not his girlfriend, but I'm glad he's not up there any more tainting the wilderness with his brand of nature walks. He was a joke, and two bears are dead because of him.
Thanks Burnham.

This was big business in Alaska when it happened. He was getting press all over the world as being this big savior to the wilderness and bears and Discovery Channel called him "bear whisperer" or something like that. Everyone just thought he was the coolest thing.

Except Alaskan residents. We couldn't stand him. I tell anyone who askes what a jackass he was.

He wasn't nuts. He was a ridiculous clown in every sense, and he did it more for him and his publicity than for the bears. Look into his past-he was a drug-ridden little rich boy who couldn't hold down a job. That's not my opinion; that's fact.
I agree Jeff, pity he got publicity. 'Honored for being stupid'. What does that say about our society?