Man sometimes I do wish I had tv a little for stuff like that, I love timbersports but only get to see a small show once a year in Armstrong at the pne. I still really miss the big ole comp that Lumby used to have when I was a kid, full gambit of timbersports was run, and poleclimbing was my favorite to watch. I used to think those guys were nuts, who would've thought I'd end up cable logging when I grew up and climbing spars for a living. I'd cable log still if there was better money it.
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It wasn't very good. All they had was the chopping competition and the one where they stand on the log and chop and my favorite the one where they put in a couple of the little diving boards and then chop the top off. And the hot saw and stock saw competition. It was in Alabama and was dominated by Aussies and US guys with a couple of Kiwis thrown in there.
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Those things are way cool. They were taking between 4 and 6 strokes of the axe to make the notch for them.
4 swings is considered a perfect set for a springboard. Not many can do it and the Aussies do better than anybody else.
When the show was in Lima Ohio a few years back they measured a chunk of wood that Arden Couger Jr took a wack out of.Would you believe he sank that axe 7 inchs into that white pine.Hard to believe but I saw it with my own eyes.:O Of course old Jamie has arms about as big around as my head.