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top hopper

Anyone seen one of these yet?

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Id be curious what the loader assembly costs. You could put it on near any truck.
I understood that Andrew, I was just getting a halfway comparable price on a "similar" piece of equipment.
Just checking Andy.

If I had to guess the truck in the pic is close to 200k.
I think you are getting closer!!!
I figure $150 for the chassis, $125 for the bed/grapple. (Nobody else makes it right now!)
I try to listen you what you say but I have to say your avatar just distracts me !

$150k for the chassis? Nah.

The one at the show was $186+ FET and such.

The box/loader runs about $100k. It can only fit on a tandem or larger truck, and a dual frame is pretty well advised.

They only designed it to dump wood chips, although you can dump logs if they are low enough to get under the arch, which is a foot and some change lower than the sides.

The pins that hold the bed on are normal sized, which I believe is a bit undersized considering the extra force they experience.

Overall, I'll pass.
It is a good idea but needs some modifications if you are going to haul brush with it. The arch sets to low and will hang up brush, now if they would make it so the arch could be extended up when dumping and lower back for transport it would be great. However, at the TCI show they didn't even want to hear about any ideas for improvement. Good idea just needs refined.