The Alaska Experiment t.v. show

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I watched about five minutes of it and turned it off. Made me sick they sent those clowns into the heart of my beloved state.
It's an interesting show, but one would think they'd have used more experienced people.

I find it hard to believe they're out there with bears and don't have any protection.
Thats what I was thinking......I bet the camera guy is packing heat.....I WOULD!
I travelled extensive bc backcountry without ever packing. Grizzly, wolverine, cat country never had an issue, multi day trips way off the beaten path. I would never go unarmed now that I have a family.
Animals are the least of your concerns. I'ven never carried for bears. They're like sharks for surfers. Yeah, they attack, but you're far more likely to drown or get pulled out in a riptide than get eaten.

I've had six bear encounters, never been scared, and never had an issue.

But yeah, they attack. It's generally not a conern.