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Today I got my long awaited splices from Nick! :big-jump:

Thank you NICK!

It was a long time coming, and I know I complained on this forum about the long turn around time but..................

They sure are sweet!:love4:

Thank you very much.

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Lets see if this works

humm nope. Cant post pix.

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Frans I'm glad you like the stuff. I know it took a while...a year isn't too long to wait for an order, is it?!

And you are all very welcome. I like sharing my splices with people, and I love teaching other people about splicing. The Treehouse is a great place to do both of those things.

You da man Nick!
One and a half years of regular use, and my prussics, slings, and lanyard are still looking good, though the 20' double end lanyard got put on a shelf after maybe a month. Thinking about cutting it in half, but can't bring myself to do it.