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Jun 11, 2005
Al Bird A
Finally bought a tablet. This thread is really more or less Me playing around to see how well the hand writing works. So far so good, eh.
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Also. I'm using the WAN card I picked up to go with it. I can see this being really productive :/:
spell it out, what you got B? my smartphone isnt really that convenient to be surfing with except in emergency, lets see this machine that seemed to drag Rborist1 away from the web...
I have a fujitsu tablet with a 10" screen, 1.2 ghz processor 20gig hard drive, and full wireless. Neat little tool, but the handwriting thing really bugs me.
I've got the Gateway tablet that I bought a few years back when I was still in college, and I wasnt too impressed with it, has the technology gotten better?
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It would seem that. the technology has gotten a lot better. I remember looking at tablets even a year ago and found them to be hard to use for hand writing but this machine is very easy to use. Its an HP TX 1420. 2.3 Gig Processor 3Gig of Ram, 250 Hard Drive. It has a side bar app that lets you use handwriting in any text box in any program. Weighs in under 4 pounds, 12" screen. I also bought a cellular air card for it with EVDO which is almost as fast as broadband So far I am happy with it and happy I waited this long to get one.
Sorry to derail but....

What types of computers do they issue to the armed forces? Is it a 'tablet'?
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I think sone of them get the tuff book tablets. Those are indestructible as in drive your chip truck over them. Expensive though 3-4 K. mine was $1300.
I like the tablets but my hand writing is, well, less than acceptable, and I doubt it would recognize anything I wrote!!!
The toughbook ROCKS, I really wanted one, until I priced it out:\:
For what I do, my $399 specials last a few years, I throw them away and get a new one, I can buy a few for the pric of a toughbook!!!