Superbowl XLII

Who is gonna win today?

  • New York Giants

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • New England Patriots

    Votes: 5 62.5%

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hahaha 8 views, no votes but mine, guess the house isnt going to get an NFL ad any time soon! :D
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speaking of ads, I just clicked 4 wide, three deep! get some!
Sure? The Giants? Or maybe the Redwings?
Yeah, I might watch for the comercials, but not sure I will do that even:lol:
I don't do sports, can you tell?:P
i like to watch the superbowl but like today, didnt think about it and havent watched a game all season
I just turned it on and the Pats are down 10-7. They only scored on one of 7 posessions so far. Looks like the directors instructed them to keep it close for better ratings. For those of you who believe that football isn't scripted (just like wrestling) then please ignore the previous sentence.
Pats just scored a TD, are up by 4. Giants get the ball back with all 3 of their timeouts and 4 minutes remaining in the game. Classic nailbiter finish. The blowout superbowl games of the early 90's are gone, they will all be close from now on.
I don't believe it's rigged.

I agree. There are way too many people involved, team members who want to make a mark for themselves, and all the other folks involved who depend on the outcome (whatever that may be).

The wrestling is a fixed venue with only a few participants in each event.
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cool, so much for the predictions. I liked the game and the commercials were fun. :D
For those who dont know, us up here in Canada have had the commercials blocked from the US feed for like forever, now that we have digital TV and US channels direct, we can actually see the good commercials. instead of normal, boring commercials plugged in to the spots.
Rigged or not, I won 250 big ones from the football pool at work! :D
125 each for quarters 2 and 3. Best 5 bucks i ever spent.. lol
I thought it was a really good game also. I went and watched it with the neighbor. I like the tough defensive games. Wrestling is scripted?:?
this is what i get a kick out of
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I liked the charles barkley one too. and teh roxbury take off in the first quarter. :)