Stump grinder not charging


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Aug 25, 2005
Ceres, CA
I have a Carlton stump grinder with a 25 hp Kohler motor which is not charging that battery. Do any of you guys have experience with these or do I need to take it somewhere to be worked on.
I don't but I would imagine it uses a secondary winding similar to a Briggs engine which uses magnets that are on the inside of the flywheel ,a coil of windings and internal diodes.Kohlers web site might lend some info.
There are different charging systems on the Kohlers you need to take it to a Kohler dealer, (I know it sucks) they have test equiptment and should give you a fast turn around.
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I don't but I would imagine it uses a secondary winding similar to a Briggs engine which uses magnets that are on the inside of the flywheel ,a coil of windings and internal diodes.Kohlers web site might lend some info.

Al, you don't miss a trick do you :P , what your describing is very similar to how a Wisconsin charging system works. I wished you lived closer to me I 'd have you working on my stuff as a freelance wrench 24 -7 .:D

Steve, I am not familiar with a Kohler, the hardest part of doing this is getting the flywheel off if the charging components are under the flywheel like the way Al described . Piece of cake to change them out after getting the flywheel off. Those parts are expensive or at least I think they are for what they are. But you have to have them.

Check the obvious first like dirty carbon build up on the posts on the battery and bad ground on the negative or a bad wire coming back from the stater. On a Vermeer their is a ground wire from the main frame and the front part of the machine that grounds the two parts of the machine because of the pivot bearings.
Kohler has technical manuals available online. I know because my 25hp Kohler in my mini wasn't charging either.

Turned out to be a loose ground, I think. I fiddled around with it, and the problem went away (3 months ago).
Briggs is pretty easy to figure out as long as you know what system you have, it can be tested using only a volt meter. The Kohler engines have the stator, a rectifier/regulator, and the diode, and you have to be able to identify the system you are working on. When I worked at the Kohler dealership we had specialty tools to aid us in the diagnoses, but even then I still had to pull out the book for that model. This is why I suggested that Steve take it to a Kohler dealer.
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Thanks, I think I'll check the stuff on the outside and if that's all OK and it still doesn't work I'll take in.
If it has bad components you just might be able to find them at MFG supply,in Wisconsin.On the net also.I think they are about in Mike M's back yard,or close.Anyway they have tons of stuff certainly cheaper than buying OEM.

Google gods do not smile upon me. I'm trying to source out the flywheel magnets for my 25hp kohler command pro. Dealers around me can't or won't help. Plastic name plate has rubbed off long ago.

Any links? Ship to Canada?
Did you try just cleaning the rust from the area? I've fixed several mower motors where rust and such led the magneto? (I think that's what the motors in question had) to be bumped out of alignment and distance. Clean it up, put it back together, and use a post it note to gap the mag. Cheap quick thing to try, especially because magnets don't go bad often at all.
We're probably in the same boat as you. Our Vermeer SC252 with 25HP Kohler Command Pro hasn't been charging for over a year. We trickle charge the battery back up about every 2 weeks with a jump box/charger. And I carry a secondary lawn tractor battery as a backup in case this one runs low. It isn't fun to either have to pull out the truck battery or run with umbilical cord to the truck (jumper cables)... had to do each of those tactics once each.
Up here finding a flywheel is tough. Very tough. I can find it in the States, but exchange rate, shipping and brokerage doubles the price. Alternator Magnets would be an easier pill to swallow. There are a few different flywheels with different timing.
Granted I've never looked, but I've never seen/sent parts out for magnet replacement only, only complete flywheels. Less to screw up replacing the flywheel vs trying to time the magnets and such.
Magnets are not a big deal, my main business is an electric motor repair shop.

Not a big deal as long as I can find some! haha!