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I have manual hub locks on a f-250. I have to turn the right wheel from free to lock a few times until it will unlock. I haven't done anything yet to fix it because I want some advice from ya'll on what I should do. Does it just need grease or what?
Try this link. Not sure if they are the ones on your rig, but should be similar. On a ford forum they say the ford oem hubs are garbage, they suggest Warns.

I've successfully removed and disassembled the hubs on my Toyota. Greased them up and they are smoothe as butter, but they come stock with excellent hubs.

One of the hubs on my ford f350 is a little stiff, I'm going to try greasing before replacing.
Maybe. What year is it? Is it the chinsey plastic lockouts? If it's steel/alum., it may just need cleaned to get some o the grease and gunk out of it making it stick. The spring may be broken, or one of the tabs me be broken off as well.
I went through this last summer when I was driving dad's Bronco, it had the plastic lockouts, the drivers side tabs broke and it wouldn't catch to unlock. I replaced them with the good warn set!!!
I'm rambling now..........................
Geez... my vote goes for WD-40.
I've never heard of hubs having to be replaced. But sh*t, in this biz, what doesn't need replacing ???
P.S. Totally off-subject, but I stopped to help a guy put a donut on his Hyandai. Little boy in the car, itty-bitty jack making umpteen revolutions, etc. The tire wouldn't budge.
I said, "Christ, when in Rome !!!" and kicked it with all my might.
Problem solved.
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I didn't read the whole link but it looks great. And yes the lockout is plastic.
Yeah T, I love the fit of some of the newer cars!!!! I have had to take an eight pound sledge and "tap" them to get them to break free of the studs!!!!

The Fords have a history of horrific lockout hubs.
The old Chevy auto lockers where good, once you learned the tricks of maintaining them:P
if its the type with alen screws all the way around it just take it apart, theyre simple, see whats wrong, if it needs grease or replaced and back together.