Stihl 32" Rollomatic ES Bar and 2 Chains


'cause chicks dig scars
Nov 13, 2005
The Great Pacific Northwest
For sale:

Brand new, never been mounted on a saw, 32" Stihl Rollomatc .050, 3/8" bar and 2 brand new, still in the box 33RSF (full skip) chains.

$145 bones for the whole lot... includes shipping.

I would rather not separate them... :)

Oh yeah... I have a Pay-pal account if you want to pay that way... or whatever way we can work out.

I may be buying 50% ownership of a MS660 soon (helping out a buddy who wants a big saw but might need it once a month). So if that deal happens then I could use the bar and chains. If nobody else jumps forward in the next day or so then I'll take it and stick it on a shelf until I need it.
Did Squishey buy the bar and chains too? Dammit! :what:

I guess I should have been a little more definitive. Oh well, you snooze you lose. 8)
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He was PM'ing me dang near as I was finishing the posts...

Like he has some mind readin' capability... do all Canadians have the ability to read minds?


dang, want to buy my old chip truck to? you got enough saws for 2 crews now!
And I've got enough equipment for two crews too ;)

I like to have two of everything, unless it's chainsaws the I just try to have as many as possible.

I was getting the saw anyways soooo, why not keep it simpe for Gary.

I'll be real interested to run this 361 in comparison to my EHP361.
Yeah, and next week you'll be sending it off to Ed for additional tuning. :lol:
If you're lucky you'll get it back in time for the 2009 season. ;)
Man I would be looking through my garage for what ever else I could sell to the crazy canuck.
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Hey Justin... I got a 335XPT that is disassembled in a box... I think all the parts are there...

Piston and cylinder look good... you interested?

LMAO... :lol:

Hey Squish, I've got a couple of old sweaty Stihl hats, and a couple of old pairs of underwear I don't wear much anymore....interested? I can get them to Gary and he can send them with the saw to save on shipping.

Naa I've got lots of old underwear myself and my sawshop usually gives me free hats, no I don't really buy many saws.:D
Of course!! I'm the first to admit I've got a problem:|:. Anything that can work on, with, or around trees...........I gots to have.