stihl 131 pole saw

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had to replace the stolen one, the new one with slightly bigger motor rocks though! kinda like a 200 on a stick! gonna make me real lazy with the smaller trees.
Yeah the 131 is a lot tourqier (if thats a word!). Nice setup witha 14" bar. Just dont pinch the bar, or more importnatly bend the shafts. Shaft assemblies run almost $400!
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14"... hmmm. I could be even lazier
I don't like how the new ones are heavier. I prefer the original model, but I think it's kaput due to emissions BS.
Does it run the .050 gauge chain (63pm)? If so, maybe spring for one of those lightweight bars for it. They run about $50-$55 each but the weight savings is sweet. I'm sure it would be quite noticable on the end of a 12' pole.

The Stihl number for the 14" is 3005 000 7409
Heck, I just realized it's been 11 months since I pulled the shaft of my 101 apart.

And, now that I think of it, I think I have an application for it later this week or early next. Being able to reach 66' vertically will help dismantle a dying water oak's stretched out canopy.

And yes, I have envy over the extra .6hp, especially since it only costs 50 bucks more.
The new polesaws run PMN. You can convert them to run PM but that might rob some power.