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Any one using them for their cell service? If you are, have you been happy with the service?

I am about sick of them & am considering buying out of my contract!! Ihave been with them for 8 yrs. But I have had it witheir mistakes. Most if not all have taken place this year.
Sprint has been losing customers in droves for the last 2 years due to their crappy service. Look at their stock versus AT&T and Verizon. As much as I dislike AT&T, they do have the best coverage in my area and they finally quit screwing with my account options after I threatened to walk a couple years ago. But I'd even go with a small regional service before ever giving Sprint a dollar of my money.
Verizon is pricier than it ought to be, but the coverage I've had is WAYYYY better than I ever had with NextHell. Not to mention the customer service is way better.
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They began sending my bill to my old address. For no apparent reason.

After finding this out on the phone with customer service {that is obviously in another country} I find myself arguing with this person for over 1/2 an hour on whether or not my zip code exist.....

Well in my past I had FREELY partaken & was a firm believer in self medication. Occasionally there are ramifications from this....So I am thinking to myself, maybe I am having one of those moments where my past comes back & causes me to have a Brain Blip.

So I call my Mom & ask what is my zip code? She laughs & gives it to me EXACTLY like I had the folks at the customer service.

The situation has now been left with them wanting me to call them back & tell them what I would like done to keep me as a customer.
Just tell them you want to switch your service to a different carrier and/or ask to speak with someone in 'customer retention'.
WOW WOW WOW. River Rat Before you go do something brash let me give you a word to the wise. I was in at Alltel the other day getting my service changed over from ATT as Att doesnt work at my house. Anyway the women was busy with another customer and helping me on the side, she gave me the paper work and said I would need my customer # or some such thing. I didnt have it so asked her and she said to call my existing carrier. I did and the first thing they asked was if I was porting my number out, I said yes. So the sales women comes back and the first thing she says is "I hope you didnt tell them you are porting out did you" I said I had and she was saying Oh you should never do that as they will sometimes cancel your account before the number can be ported out just for spite!! when this happens you lose your number for good:\: My cell phone IS MY BUSINESS NUMBER:O All my phonebook adds and referalls use that no.

I freaked out and drove straight to ATT to ask them if they did this. The manager laughed and said ATT are an international Co. and would never treat people like that but added that SPRINT an N telos are notorious for doing that. HOLY frig If I lost my business due to some pencil pushing dick being spiteful I would have to go postal on a couple of stores.....

So be forwarned dont let them know you are leaving if you need that #......

Oh yeah 5 years ago sprint kept making "mistakes" on my bills, ALLWAYS in their favor, I wont ever do business with them again
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I dont believe they can do that & completely get away with it. But I dont want the headache of dealing with it either!!

Thanks a lot for the heads up.
If you dump Sprint/Nextel, I wouldn't pay the early termination charge. They failed to keep their end of the contract with crappy service. I had Nextel and would never ever have them again. I currently have AT&T and have been very satisfied. I had T-Mobile for several years and their customer service in Hawaii is the best of all the carriers. Unfortunately, their signal is weak or non-existent in some of the areas I often travel to. That is the only reason I switched to Nextel (Big Mistake) and from there to AT&T.

I tell everybody not to get Sprint/Nextel and those who do have them to switch.
I am with Sprint, my wife is with Verizon. I have been with Nextel/Sprint for 7 years now. Started with Nextel, now I am with Sprint.

Their customer service does seem to have gone downhill, this last year. I called to complain and cancel my contract, and they ended up giving me an $700 phone, car charger, and 2 onths free service for $30. I havent had any issues since then, except a phone I broke which they replced for free.

I am not a huge fan of Verizon, I think their customer service stinks. And you cant change your plan without signing an ADDITIONAL two year contract. Cant even buy a new phone. My wifes phone screen is cracked and they wont let her buy a new one period, if she does even at full retail they will HAVE to sign her up for a new contract that extends her old one. Very pissed with Verizon!
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Dang I had no idea there would be this many replies to this thread.

But I guess our cell & the service we get is pretty important when you have your own bizz. I was feeling bad about getting so hacked oof about it.

This has been pretty enlightening for me
I am more than happy with my Nextel, verizon does not work well in my area though.
Ive changed my Verizon plan several times and have never had to renew my contract. They do get you on the full retail phone prices if your not due for an upgrade though.

Im currently on my 3rd non working phone (within the last 2 months)which will be replaced and upgraded at no cost.
I have nextel and have no complaints. Of course, I don't pay the bill, and not having service is not always a bad thing.;)

Similar situation, but I hate it here. Coverage is sketchy, even here in Mass. At home, all I have to do is get 10 minutes out of town into the country, and it goes down the toilet.
My coverage is great from the coast to about 1 1/2 hours inland (owhat we call the 'interior') after that you better be in a sorta major town cuz if you iznt, the phone no workie.
i use us cellular, they specialize in smaller towns and have the best coverage. easy to work with also. i used att when i was in the bay area, my bill was higher evry month than they quoted, and when i moved back to this area they screwed me on a renewal that i told them not to do months earlier. never do business with them again