Spider Leg Rig


Sep 2, 2006
Since I have motivated up cleaning the shop and it is butt ass cold outside, Im gonna finally splice up a spider leg set up. I'm using a big oval ring(30ton) and want splice whoopie type set up on it/ Im thinking 10 to 15' adjustable range. I will attach the end of whoopie to a sling on a branch. MO' bettta'balance on weird shaped things. Any suggestions? Thinking 4 legs as well?
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me neither, but it will be handy:D
I think multiple slings are used a lot when they're really not needed.

(What crappy sentence structure)
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sometimes it's better though..
John, IMO a couple long slings will work just fine plus they can perform double duty for other functions. But a special spider sling that isn't well suited for other applications will end up being a waste of money and will likely end up in the bottom of the gear box in the shop. When the day finally comes that you might actually use it, the damn thing won't be handy anyway.

Remember the slings I made up last week? I now have a half dozen 5/8" rope slings from 5'-8' plus a 14'. Sometimes I'll clip two together if I need extra length, or take two wraps on the limb if it's too long. IMO it's usually faster and easier to use what you already have with you. And I can use them for a multitude of functions.
What's the ring for? Just make a long dead-eye sling with a big eye. it'll let you tie a prusik onto the rigging line, AND you can use it for hanging a block when needed, or a portawrap.

What rope are you making it out of?

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ring goes on crane ball....then spider legs hange from there.

This fits on the crane hook also. And it's removable so you can use the sling for something else tomorrow. ;)
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That wont fit on no crane hook round here...50-70ton usually
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I'll post pics later to explain..