solo 637


Nov 3, 2007
Charlottesville VA
Anyone tried one of these saws yet, supposedly more power than a ms200t for $300 at Baileys. I know you all say just get a stihl but.....
Be aware that parts are rather pricey on the Solos. But on the upside you can order parts straight from the Solo USA website with just a credit card.
I have one and like it but it DOES NOT have more power than a 200T. It does have more displacement and pulls a buried 16" bar very well but the 200T will outrun it. Anti-vibe is good on the 637 and it is very lightweight.
Check on the availably of parts, the Kansas City Fire Department has solo saws, Randy the repair/equiptment guy has been waiting for chain brake parts for over 8 months. I don't recall the model.
See Ya
I was gonna get a solo 651sp this past summer after my dealer added them to his line up. I waited a bit to see how they do first. Glad I did, parts are a long time coming and he was still waiting last heard!

Not a bad saw for the money but without a solid manufacturers dealer support saw is worth buying!!!

Time is money so if you have to wait... you get the idea.

PC, While it seems like Kw or Hp figures would be a solid basis of comparison I have never found it to be so.
I really like the 637. I haven't run it side by side with a 200T. It is possible that in 12-16 inch wood the 637 might actually surpass the 200T(I doubt it but it is concievible-the Solo's performance in buried cuts is very good.) In smaller cuts the 200 will definitely outrun/outcut the 637. The 200 builds a couple thousand more RPMs and has greater chainspeed. Is the 637 worth $300? I think so.Parts? I haven't needed any but try Bailey's-They stock lots of stuff that isn't in the catalog.
Solo is well known to be pretty optimistic regarding the power output of their saws.....:roll: :evil: