Singing Rock 3d Timber Harness?


Jan 28, 2023
Mars Hill NC
Hello, I have a Singing Rock 3d Timber Harness. This is my 1st harness and I've only been climbing for about 2 years now on my own property.

I have nothing to compare this to but I feel safe and secure in it.
Questions I have are:
What are the rings on the leg buckles for?
Has anyone removed the horseshoe like shackles that hold the webbed bridge and replaced with Petzl open rings and a rope bridge?
Whats a good replacement bridge if possible?

I really like this harness and as I progress I will prob get another saddle in the future but this is perfect for where I am at as a climber(54yo)


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I can't quite make it out from the pics. Do the rings on the legs move(slide back and forth)? Looks like it. If so, it's to reduce friction and wear.

It looks like the shackle was chosen to orient the bridge. Study it as you climb, and reflect on what changing to rings would do. In any case, changing to different hardware puts it in uncertified, untested territory. Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't, but I'd want a good reason to switch before I made a drastic change.
I am with John on the rings on the leg straps, plus I think movement there allows for the leg loops to somewhat adjust to your side to side lean movements, keeping pinching at bay, at least somewhat.

I'd need a very good reason to change the bridge, just as John @lxskllr posits. I'm curious as to your motivations to do so.

For what it's worth, my wife has climbed in a Singing Rock saddle of similar design for a good while and likes it. Light weight, but holding up to use well, though that use is not regular anymore.
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Thanks for replys. So the leg strap rings wouldn't be used for positioniong in any way?

As for the bridge I was just leaning towards a rope bridge with a swivel instead of the large ring, my idea that it would be easier to move in.
I agree it would not be the way the saddle was designed. I should probably just wait till I am further along in climbing and get a different saddle set up.

I am totally happy with this saddle as my first saddle. The only gripe being the adjustment buckles on the waist sometimes turn in a pinch from the side D and the flip line connected. Not all the time to give up the saddle mind you. Just annoying when it happens.
Thanks again for the wisdom
No, nothing should attach to the leg rings. FWIW, I'm skeptical of swivels on the bridge, though there are people that like them, and I don't have first hand experience. If you really wanted to try one, there may be one that would fit the webbing. Another option would be binering a swivel to the bridge, or use an openable ring. That would affect the height of your climbing system, but that may not be a problem for you.