Silky on sale

Those are very excellent saws...excellent price, too. I have two.

Some folks grouse about the scabbard...I haven't had any trouble with it...except when I tried it on my leg. I think that was the only time I have lost my handsaw in a tree...the climbing rope snatched the handle when I was shaking the rope off a limb and the saw took a 40 foot fall. Luckily, nobody was below me.
Thanks for the heads up V, but I recently bought a replacement blade for my handsaw from okietreedude's going out of biz sale.

I'm waiting for the Hayauchi pole saw replacement blades to go on sale!


i bought my first silky from okie tree dude and am not impressed. its got broken teeth and seems way to flexible to me. .02
gonna stick to my fannos
Man, Fannos have the cheapest steel there is. I'm on my 4th Silky and I haven't broken any of them.

Seriously, Fanno is just about the worst saw made. At least go with Corona.
i break fanno teeth to but not till theyre used a bit. other than that i havent had any complaints
I broke some teeth on my first Silky Zubat blade a few years back. It was an early batch, lot #107 or something. No problems since.
I have found Kanzawa saws stay sharper far longer than the Silky. You need to buy the better quality saw, as they make a cheaper model that is also pretty good but does not stay sharp as long.
The better model has a green handle, the cheaper one a red handle. I don't even use my Zubat anymore. Kanzawas are also a lot cheaper.
What about the one with the green and red handle?
Much cheaper than the cheapest Silky.


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Zenith Cutter also sells them at great prices. I bought 7 saws and 10 replacement blades at the 2006 TCI. I have been using their best quality blade for the past 8 months and it still is very sharp. The Silky blades after about 4 months I feel the need to change them.
Before I got my Silky Ibuki I used a Fanno 17" for 8 years. I liked it because I could do one pull stroke and then use the enclosed handle like a pair of brass knuckles to smash off the rest of the branch. It was faster than cutting it the rest of the way. Now that I have my Ibuki though, I can't do this anymore because it doesn't have an enclosed handle. In spite of that, I still like my Ibuki better because it cuts faster and stays sharp longer. IMO, nobody makes better handsaws than Silky.
I've tried the Samuria brand, who I think makes the Kanzawa. I thought they were a close 2nd to Silky, but not quite as good.
I'm gonna check out the Kanzawa this season. I agree with Koa that the Silky blade wears out pretty fast.
Silky has been the best saw for me to date, though the Sugoi is too aggressive for my uses.
Zubat has a beautiful finish cut !
Zenith Cutter also sells them at great prices.

Zenith sells chipper knives at a price which cannot be beat. However, every product I have bought from them has been very very low quality. The chipper knives I bought (for example) lasted a very short time. (they are made in Vietnam, prob. from old Buicks or some other American car or product.) They where crap and required more sharpening than any other North American sourced chipper knife that I have ever bought!
Zenith just sells crap in terms of chipper knives. Over the long term they are the most expensive chipper knife supplier company.

Yes Zenith are cheap to buy, but they just dont hold up so they end up being even more expensive over the long run.

But maybe these handsaws are different?
Ive never noticed any problems with their knives Frans.

Are you chipping dynamite?