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Last night I put my ms200t in the local saw shop and today the place burnt to the ground. I can get by without it for a while and know the guy is beside himself so I don't want to do anything right away. I hope he has good insurance.
Do you have a spare saw? I have been contemplating buying one myself, I dropped it out of a tree the other day and it was OK thankfully. I thought if it had broke I woulda been shit outa luck.
Brendon, when it comes to saws you need backups (and then backups for your backups). I'm a bit of a saw fanatic so I have three 200Ts in rotation. If one has a problem or even if the chain gets dull, I can grab the next one without any slowdown in production. Saws get serviced at home on the workbench, not out on the job on the truck tailgate.

You gotta be prepared and not put yourself in a position where one minor issue can bring your job to a screeching halt.
Brian's not kidding there, in fact he's so serious about it he had a spare bucket truck for awhile too.:P

I roll with 2 200t's, 1 361, 2 046's, and 1 660. And that still leaves a few spares at home.:D
Sory about your saw loss!

Ill bet he has good insurance, most shops do.
Two saw shops in my area both have big signs Not responsible for items lost due to theft or fire.
I am also a firm believer in having a backup saw. I always carry 2 MS200Ts ready to go. For most jobs, I don't need anything bigger as 90% of our work is pruning. On removals, I bring along a 039 and 441. My son-in-law has the 084 if a bigger saw is needed.

I also carry extra bars and chains and even one extra handsaw and spare blade for the polesaw.
I'll be danged, talk about bad luck... I had a few saws there too!