Ramrod 950?


Sep 25, 2006
Vernon, B.C.
Heh I have a 950 with the 27hp gas in it. Here are a couple pics of the air filter system and one pick of the carb. Note the holes in the air filter and in the cover? Also note the dirt in the carb? Am I missing something here, those holes allow unfiltered air right into the carb no matter how you line it up they're holes and nothing covers them up completely?


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Looks like you're missing a washer. Orr something like that.
That's the wrong knob holding down the air filter cover. Seal up those holes. Unfiltered air going straight into the carb is a screwup and not acceptable.
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Yah it's weird cause the main cover there where it looks to be the wrong knob, it's actually integral to the cover(attached). :?
So is mine, but it'll pop out with minimal pressure.

That's really odd, I'd give Dave a call about that in the morning.
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I just wonder why the hell there'd be any holes in those spots at all anyways?
seems like there should be a rubber gasket that sits between the filter and cover?