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May 16, 2005
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The manual oiler pump button on the 090 is on the RH side of the back handle as you well know, my question is........ is there a comfortable technique for pumping that oil thru, I'm using my forefinger on my right hand to depress it, not the most comfortable method, just wondering if you have any tips?
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Thought you told me it was on the right, Andy? Left should work alright, shouldn't it? That's how it's arranged on my 084.

Or am I all confused again? :)
You must have a 090 direct drive.

Here is a pix of my 090 'G' which stands for gear drive.

The oiler is located perfectly....


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Reach across with your left hand and wack it with the heel of your palm.
Sorry for being late. I was at the Milano tipping a few.

The manual oiler on the 090 is an SOB, but not totally unforgiving. It does its job, but you got to be switch hitter to keep that chain lubed. With the long bars and big cuts it wasn't so difficult because you would be changing hold on the saw every minute or so. Oh, it was grusome. Hurts to even think about it.

When I first aquired the famous 090 from Baileys the oiler was airlocked. I had to prime it by giving it CPR. Put my lips to the cap seat and blew on it hard til oil reach the pump. It was an 090 blow job.
I figured 2300 bucks was a bit spendy but heck, if a fella wants something that is low in supply but high in demand...
Back in the 80's when I was in High School... you could walk in to a pawn shop in the "logger towns" and find 090's for 200 bucks.

Wish I could do a time warp...

The 084 they at the place I worked for a while didn't oil worth a crap.

While making a stump cut some one woud dump oil on the bar straight from the jug. I was told it had been in the shop twice