Preffered method of getting rid of wood


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Aug 5, 2005
Brush pit prices have risen so high im doing this .
This saves me about 200 its looks small but its actually about 5 tons of wood ive been burning for months now haha
Free as can be :D


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drop it off at campgrounds? around here you can buy an armload of firewood, split and shrink wrapped in a bundle at the service stations as you head for the hills. about $5 or $6 bucks a bundle.
yup,burnin' is my method of choice for cleanin' up the wood yard & shed!

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When and if I get another woodlot set up, the tree trimmers (Asplund) are my Friends!!
It's a win/win for everyone, a close drop, that's free, for them, and I get wood that I didn't have to really work for.
If you can find a firewood cutter in you're area, talk to them, it's a sweet deal for everyone!
give it away when possible...chips to local college/playground/whoever..:/:..wood to who ever...or pay to dump. NEVER burn here....:D

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Our local parks sells campground fire wood.

Here is how they do it:
The wood is delivered in rounds for free from local tree companies, or generated from fallen trees in the campgrounds.

The wood is then split using a work program. The work program takes folks who have DUIs and other convictions and offers them the choice, sit in jail for a month of saturdays and sundays, or work weekends for the parks.
So they get the wood split for free.
Then it is bagged in nylon grain sacks (donated) and brought to the various campgrounds.

I mention this because while I worked there, from curiosity, we unloaded the bags until we had a tightly packed true cord of wood.
Then we counted the bags.
Each bag goes for 10 bucks.
Total price of wood per cord?

My method is to find someone with a outdoor furnace. A friend of mines parents have one, he comes and picks up the wood, and lets me run his 660 while he's there if I need it. Free as can be and they are happier than ever.
We get really bad inversions here, so the less wood that gets burned the nicer it is to live here. Most of my wood goes to the dump where it is ground up in a tub grinder and sold for mulch.
We get really bad inversions here, so the less wood that gets burned the nicer it is to live here. Most of my wood goes to the dump where it is ground up in a tub grinder and sold for mulch. burn is mo' betta. We are in the same boat here, bad air in the summers.
All are landfills I can dump chips for free but wood ya pay. I've been getting some dumpsites in surrounding areas that are helping me out but if anything is decent firewood I'll keep it.

Or sell it!!:D


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just found a church nearby that will cut and split it for needy folks. dumped alot of sycamore there yesterday, test their faith splitting that:D
You living down where you live should know about that, it's what traps the smog in. Poor air movement.
I was replying to Nick. I've heard there's some big smog down there around all the big cities I thought he was in LA? None where you are? Sometimes we get smogged in a bit here but more down in the valley from where I live.
I cant believe what some of you pay to dump.
No smog here either. Now Kansas City, Kansas is another story.
There is also a Kansas City, Missouri. Smog there also
A cap of warm heavy air that traps smoke and smog below it. Sometimes there is a very distinctive line where the smog ends. You can usually drive up into the mountains and get out of the inversion layer.


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Yeah, you can't burn anything here!!! no way could you burn wood.

MB, you have smog, too. It's just not thick enough for you guys to see it yet.

LA is very dirty. I am perpetually congested and I think I am developing wussy allergies due to the smog.