Philly cheese steak

I don't see how it could be discrimatory, they have "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" signs around here. I hope this catches on I need to get some signs for the garage, or maybe a tee-shirt.
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Personally I dont see the need for the english only sign. If you come in to my establishment and order up services in any language other than english I am gonna stand there and stare at you, cuz I have NO IDEA what you are wanting. Seems like that would be a bit of a stalemate.

Truth be told I might be able to speak a bit of french and a bit of dutch if hard pressed :shifty:
if i cant understand what your saying i guess you wont get what you want. good ruling
Man, I LOVE Philly Cheese Steak >>> If'n there ain't any green peppers on it !
How complicated could it be to take an order in Spanish ?
Lost $$$ as far as I'm concerned.
Tu no hablas espanol, you lose.
Although I'm a big fan of it, English isn't the official language of the US.

I don't like having to press 1 to hear the automated thing speak english though.
America doesn't have an official language although English is the native language for 80-85% of Americans and the mid to upper 90 percentile can speak English.
I imagine that soon someone will get sued for requesting that no cell phones be used in their store
My Bro (who lives in Philly) tells me I can order it however I want :
Double onion.
No peppers.
Yeah, double onion.