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So I have been using Paraloc Shark as my prusik cord for some time now dressed with triple fisherman. It's stays round always because the core and cover are braided together and seems to last for years. Anyway...I just found out that APS is splicing it using a Brummel w/o any bury. Anyone have a clue how they are doing this? It's so tight I can't imagine how to pass the rope through itself. Thanks, Mike
Treetrash, I've been eyeing this line for a while. I keep meaning to go ahead and order some, but haven't done it.


That looks like an interesting splice. I wonder if they could make a small eye-eye sling for us to try.

I've done some locking brummells in some rope that definitely weren't meant for it. You just gotta take your time to get it done.

Have you called them yet? They make a version of that rope with technora. I think it'd make a kick-ass hitch cord.

How stiff is the stuff you have?

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Not too stiff. Similar to bail out but a much tighter weave. 8mm hugs my tachyon tight but knows when to let go. I'm going to call this week and see what they can do. $22 a splice per end is a lot to swallow but if i can't figure it out myself it's worth it to me.