Paper tube firewood


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
I was looking at some pressed sawdust firelogs this afternoon.

Well how will dryed wood chips tighly packed in a paper tube burn. Anyone tried this yet?
I'll give it a test on the outdoor pit.
Fast would be my guess, the pressed logs have parafin wax as their binder, and are molded under high pressure. Good luck let us know how the test goes.
I remember back in the day we'd roll up newspapers into starter logs for the fireplace. They worked good, but lotsa ash.
Packing chips into tubes sounds like more practice in how wood heats twice, three times...
If you could figure out how to burn sawdust effectively you would have something.Henry Ford did it by inventing charcoal briquettes,true story.

Old Henry didn't waste anything ,in a way he kind of turned water into wine or lead into gold in his own way.

One old sawmill owner once said that sawdust costs the most to make and is worth the least money.

On the subject,there is a large mill locally.Hoge lumber of New Knoxville Ohio,the largest supplier of bowling alley maple in the world.They burn all their scrap ,sawdust and all to supply power for the mill,via a steam turbine generater.
wouldnt the paper just burn away leaving a bunch of loose sawdust?
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I was hoping it would catch the chips on fire. Still looking for a descent tube that will burn good. Looks Like I'm gonna have to get some heavy paper and roll my own.

I'm going to use some old wood chips that I have had drying for some time now. Should get around to it tomorrow evening.
You would have to squeeze it together in some sort of a press to do any good for burning in a woodstove. On the big commercial burners they just blow it in some how.

Ya know they make those wood pellets out of sawdust some how.The how is what the mystery is to me.