Pallet Forks, Mini Skid


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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
I am considering a set of pallet forks for the mini skid. I had a hell of a time loading the logs from that Norway Maple removal I did. Does anyone use a set consistently enough to make a good judgement? Are they worth it? Do you think the beak that Dave (tntree) offers is a good idea? I think I can put them to use moving logs, fence, rocks, and nursery stock.

What do you think about them?
I think that for large chunks like you had, they would be the cats meow.

A dolly wheel for logs.

Or get one lazy fat kid to help counterweight. Dave suggested filling the tires with ballast, Or a weight plate on the bottom somewhere.
be very careful loading with pallet forks. If load slips off while lifting, you may get ragdolled off the machine.
I have pallet forks and haven't brought them to a job yet.

Today I TD'd a giant weeping willow the butt was close to 50"s and I just pied er down and got my helper to jump on the back for loading the odd piece.
well worth having imo. grapples dont cut it on large diameter stuff. forks can lift more weight also as they dont weigh as much as the bmg and the load is kept closer to the machine.
that said im thinking about a couple small tabs on my grapples, i think it would help alot with some of the bigger pieces
Ive got a set. Ive used them on a couple of job sites loading the largest diameter stuff that was to big for my grapple to go around (i dont have a bmg). on one job, we picked up the logs from the round end so they wouldnt roll. a second time i did it the other way so theyd roll off the end and land where i wanted them to.

Ive also used mine for planting trees. Loading trees and unloading trees is a lot easier with forks than w/ shear manpower. that said, I dont do enough to have justified the purchase for that alone. I actually was planning on stacking firewood on pallets and loading it but my skid wont pick up that much.

I dont use them very much but i carry them in case i need them.
I use mine to move stuff around the house. I have also used it to pick up logs that the grapple couldn't lift. If you have a lot of brush and a big area to operate, they are great for scooping up and pushing a big pile. I have found mine to be very useful.
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Is the beak nessesary or helpful with loading tree material? I'd rather save the $ and just go with the forks alone, the beak seems helpful but I don't know.
I would do anything to get extra lifting height out of our mini . Im usung the grapple from tnt.
wow, i didnt know they were that much, still think its worth it. like wesley i use em alot at home.
ive thought the beak would be nice a few times but ive gotton away with a tie down strap
The last time I used them period was for unloading the chipper engine off the back of my truck and that was several months ago.

The three attachments I never use are the forks, leveler/carry-all, and Dave's capstan winch.

I would sell the forks, but shipping could be a PITA although they could be taken apart to fit in a flat box/container.

Flat, I'm fairly certain they'd fit in my trunk.
Carl, due to the weight, youd have to send them freight. Thats the way mine came and I still had to put them together.

The $500 w/ freight is awesome! Less than i paid for mine and w/ the current fuel price....dam...sounds good. Id get on it if you want them before they figure out they screwed up somewhere and the shipping price doubles.
Ive got a pair for sale Brendon!

They even come with a Dingo loader, BMG, and bucket attachment.
I use the forks all the time on the job and around the house. I couldn't imagine not having it. My grapple has sat for at least 6 months now (it is not a bmg). It weighs less and picks up more, I dig it.
I just bought forks this week for my Boxer. Prior to the Boxer I rented a Toro Dingo with forks. Forks are great! Think of them as another tool for the mini skid steer. They have their strengths and weaknesses.