OOPS!!! Litte sis did it this time!!!!

Yeah Andy I think it runs in the family, I don't think the gene poll would miss this bunch.
See Ya
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I don't get out much Butch!!! Other than the weather, I don't watch the news.

Yeah I love how she is this "great role model on a GREAT TV show" but can't learn anything from big sis!!!!

"I've been around the world and see that only stupid people are breeding!" Harvey Danger
I think she's pretty also, and she looks a lot older than 16 in that picture. What about statuatory rape charges?
poor girl? HA!
She is having the time of her life being a spoiled little brat, with a great income. If the baby interferes with her lifestyle, she can always hire a nanny
or let her big sis babysit!

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Somebody told me that their mom wrote a book about raising well balanced, high profile kids... but it was held from publication when lil' bit got knocked up.
Actually, it was a book about how to live with your children being famous and in the public spotlight aimed moreso towards the parents. It wasn't a how-to book at all, and the pregnancy thing will probably help to sell it.
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ha, nice one Darin, I remembered the name of that tune after the first few bars and had a good laugh out loud moment. :)
OM for me to be kicking them when they are down they would have to know I existed. And for some reason they aren't returning my phone calls, or my emails, or my letters. Guess I'll have to increase my stalking to level two. This is when it gets personal!
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Well, he was from her home town and displaced to live with her, in the condo MOM paid for, and MOM arranged for them to live in, and MOM knew they lived together in said condo, so.........................................
No way in hell it would stand up in court!