Online Classes for Summer Semester


Mar 21, 2005
Avon, IL
If anyone is considering taking an online class during spring semester, now is the time to register. I am offering Turfgrass Management, Arboriculture and Intro to Prairie and Community Forestry (Global Issues) through our program at North Dakota School of Forestry, MSU-Bottineau Campus. I have attached a link at the end which will take you to the class descriptions and allow you to register online.

Don't be left in the sawdust when promotion time comes around.
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Doing just fine so far. Just about time to get "on the water" again and do some ice fishing. Guess the walleye were biting good last weekend, at just about dark. Suppose you are still putting up with that boring warm sunny weather. If winter depression starts to set in let me know. We have 3-4 inches of snow on ground and temp is up to 10 or 15F. Pretty decent day.

I am going to the Minnesota Green Expo next month in Minneapolis at Convention Center. Should be a good time.

Bob, what are the Greenexpo dates?

Might just make our visit in Mpls instead of S.A. I have an estate I have to close there.
Applicatin on it's way. I would also like to apply for the teacher's pet position at this time.
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Reed, The Expo is January 9-11. I will be there definitely.

Steve, Glad to hear it. It is tight competition of Teacher's Pet, however.
Well now I know who to throw spit wads at from the back of the electronic classroom.
any tree related class will get you CEU's Steve, I think they value it by hours in class or perhaps credit hours. Lemme go find a link.

"College Courses

College courses are now worth 10 CEU's per credit hour. In the past, college courses were worth 10 CEUs per course and 15 CEUs with a lab. For example, a 3-hour college course is now worth 30 CEUs that was previously worth 10 CEUs. As always, college course work must be an academically accredited 2-year or 4-year institution"

taken from:
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Glad Paul was able to help you. I have been away for the past 10 days. I have a letter to that effect from ISA somewhere in my files. Looking forward to seeing you in class.
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Remember, if any of you are attending the Minnesota Green Expo the 9-11th, be sure to drop by my booth on the Mezzanine Level.