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I thought about you today, stumper. Scary isn't it? :D

Rained so hard I cant get to my normally scheduled job, so went and pruned these two little Bradford Pears.

I always read about you pruning this or that small tree Stumper, so I took a couple of pixs, just for you
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Paul likes the young stuff, too.

I think you forgot you are talking to Frans. Frans doesn't remember folks names, I have even been known to look at my wife suspiciously, like who the hell are you?! :what:

Who is Paul?
Nice little pears Frans.
BTW, I was thinking of you also. I watched Gerry's Rec Climbing video a couple of days ago and today I was thinking about how you "forgot"(?) to pull the ropes on Iron John.
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seemed unfair to not have anyone else climb

Quote ranger: "If you come down right now, I will not cite your friends".

Frans thinking to himself: "What friends"? :)
Frans, those are beautiful trees. I love the lush green grass also. Ah, Cali! Someday I will get out there.