Oak Pruning pics

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top hopper

Its that time of year here in MN....

Thought Id get a thread going for misc pics of the oaks we prune here.
Today I did a Nasty Red and when Hollywood told me I shoulda got a before and after pic I about kicked myself.
I'll try to be more vigilant about packing the camera with me over the next couple of months.

Anyway, here some shots of Hollywood working in a couple of beauts last week.

Sorry they are a bit blurry, I took them with my phone
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Same site tomorrow. Ill get some more pics if its not too overcast.
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A bit of history there.....

The clients name is Hennan.
He lives on Hennan Drive, and has lived there for many many decades.

About 5 years ago I cut down the largest Oak in my area that I know of. Also on Hennan Drive in Mr. Hennan's yard.
Nice big 'ol oak! And great shots.
In the first pix, I like how you had the balls to leave the ceramic planting containers near the landing zone instead of moving them :thumbup:

It's nice to know what you are doing a do a good job as well. It shows in the pix.

On a side note, I was told by an employee of a municipal street sign dept. that the 'dead end' signs were no longer being used because they felt it makes people 'uncomfortable'. They switched to 'not a through road'.

P.C. & Calif. huh right.
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Thanks Frans!

Yeah in the first pics we only removed a few low limbs, so we decided it'd be fine to not move the planters.

I was just looking closer at the last pic......
man I wish my chipper still looked that nice, it was practically brand new then. Now Ive shaken all the paint off, and she's looking pretty rough. Im thinking a paint job in the spring. Our winters here are very hard on paint.
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Hahahahaha- It does sorta look like a pole doesnt it?
I had to advance my prusik through some brush so I sat on my haunches and shoved it through with my one hand. I sent up my rope guide attached to the access line so that's the shiny thing at the top. It does look like I'm polesawin' though.