O.C.G.D. Thread, part two

Paul B

I dig hammocks.
Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
to continue this thread, I must show the jacket that I got for my birthday a couple days ago. a joint effort from my sisters and parents, husqvarna cutters jacket with saw protection in the shoulders etc. Do I get special recognition because the only place I left a list of birthday wishes was my local arborist shop?

other items included a clinometer & increment borer with a few other trinkets....
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oh, and I got this Felco saw the other night at a landscape association meeting.... I almost feel bad putting it in the crate that I store my excess Silky saws in....
haha Paul, you crack me up mate :)
dont EVER let on that this stuff is toys. always stick the line that its vitaly important tools that earn lots of dosh :)
Anyway, heres my latest buy
Paul, you'll find those jackets a tad warm to work in to say the least !! They do another version without protection which is very good :)
Looks like your having a bit of a tidy up there Thor :D

I know. I have a yard full of stuff I'm moving. there's a Gravely 395 with a new axle waiting to be installed, diesel tanks, Hydrualic tanks, Hydraulic pump sets, a loglift 71F with dual extensions, 3 grapples, another 10t lorry crane, winches, turntables, vast arrays of hydraulic hose and electric valve banks, track undercarriages, steel sheet and plate, a 30 inch capacity chipper with giant infeed (even with the 140hiab, I cant lift that one...)
Phew! its amazing all the stuff you garner. I have 4 tonnes of scrap to go tommorrow...:|:
Oh yes, that V8 in the far background is a 580hp scania with a twindisc clutch. I got a price on a new unit last week, about £38k:O
The difference between Tools and Toys:

Tools are tax-deductible.
"Tis amazing the amount of hardware one can accumulate over the years.It would appear that I need to do a bit of a tidy up myself.
Yesterday I had one 200T getting fixed because I dropped it and broke the wrap around handle, my other 200T started leaning out and wouldn't stay running, had to start it almost every cut, so I went with the back-up to the back-up a shindaiwa 360. Used it for about 1 minute and the muffler fell off. So I drove about 20 miles in the bucket truck and bought a new 192T. Used it yesterday afternoon and today. It is a little lighter than the 200, has about 25% less power and it feels really smooth cutting with it. Pictures to follow tomorrow. My camera is gone so I am assuming that my daughter took with her to San Jose on a girls day out trip.
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MB. I think Gary's saw is one of them Samurai saws.

Nice truck Brian, similiar color to the little ranger you had.
Oh man lets see. Last week I got 120' of blaze, a zubat, 2 zubat blades, ibuki blade, petzl vertex lid with new peltor muffs, 2 scabbards. I think thats it but I could be wrong. Oh yeah 4 petlz "rescue" pulleys and a big figure 8. I hadn't indulged for a while so when I finaly gave in I gave in big time. Got my eye on a big stihl backback blower now........
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Canuck, if you is ordering the Silky stuff, lemme know, I might be able to get you some deals bro....
Man you guys can give a guy hand-saw envy!!!:what:

It is a 13" Corona hand-saw I bought before I even thunk about climbing a tree. Just to have on hand. It also comes in handy in elk camp.

I'll order a Silky when I damn well please!:evil:

It'll prolly be soon....;)

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Well, I didnt spend any $, but my good friend in the USAF out of Wyoming surprised me and sent me two desert camo Camelbacks. with some funky insulation and chit.. very cool! Thanks Bro!