Noooooo Waaay!

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That s freaking hilarious!

I wonder if it would be legal to use one in competition. LIke the masters challenge.
Hell yeah. I've said for years (and I'm sure someone could find the posts to prove it) that it could be done.

As soon as I have a house with a decent yard and a good tree, I'll make me one of them thar line-setting squirrells!

This is so cool to read about!

Hey Chip let's meet with Willard on Tuesday and get his training secret. It'd probably take less time to train a rodent than it will for me to master the bigshot. o and speaking of which can I pay you to install a release thingy on mine?? Pretty please?

The byline is Sanford, right down the road from me, but it was in a Selma paper, about a guy in Raleigh, who's selling his critters in Detroit. Talk about all over the map...

Not much news in Selma apparently...
Neat- pretty innovative- and I guess if they don't perform you can cook them!:D
I'd love to see a video of that.:lol:

I have been joking around (for years) about training chimps to run a 200T in a tree. Do you think we could train a chimp with bananas and green laser pointers:?;) Shoot, I'd sell a fully trained chip for $6,000. Any takers?:roll:


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