New Redneck Sport?


Dec 31, 2006
Western New York near Lake Ontario
I think my sons are rednecks!! The younger (29) son tried flying a Lazy Boy recliner last night. He used a steering wheel airbag for liftoff. First he dug a hole to set the bag in and he covered the charge with some osb. It did get him off the ground a little but most of the energy was lost due to the shredding of the osb. So now they (older and young son) figure they need more direct contact so no energy loss. They use a solid piece of plywood to cover the dash air bag (much bigger bag) and then fold up some moving blankets for an ass cushion. OK eveybody ready? Here, hold my beer!! It did get him a few feet in the air and he said his spine compressed some from the sudden impact. Goofy ass kids!! Where they got that nutty gene from I have no idea!!
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I can't believe there are ACTUALLY people THAT stupid!

I've had a bag deploy in my face in a car accident... it hurts... for days.
Fun with airbags is one thing... sitting on one and triggering it is a completely unimaginable level of stupid.

When I had the wreck, the passenger side bag broke the windshield.