My New Bucket Truck


Tree Hugger
Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
The wait is over, I've finally found the truck of my dreams.

Well not really, found it in the local classifieds and giggled. He's asking $2500 for all 3, package deal!

This has Carls name all over it.



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That would be an upgrade for some of the guys around town here.
Those three are worth 5K in the steel alone! I would buy them just to cut them up in my spare time. Hell they are probably worth more if you took your time and seprated the steel, aluminum, and copper!
Good deal if 2 of them work. The bucket is scary but the 1 ton is just an old work truck and the Fitchburg chipper could do a lot of work and look decent with a coat of paint (assuming it is in running condition).
$2500 is cheap. A roll of bailer twine, some duct tape, and a little ingenuity and you're in business!!
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I have no idea. I didn't buy it, nor will I. The chipper doesn't seem bad if I didn't already have one.

I just got a kick out of the bucket, because I can see is driving down the road by my old boss.
The man basket on that old Skyworker is worth 1000.00 if its in good shape.