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The Branch Doctor

I'm sitting here at home doing my evening thing and noticed how many goofy things I find myself doing all at the same time. How about you guys? Here's my list.

eating ice cream
doing a crossword
watching tv
drinking a soda... no beer:(
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Crap, now a buddy stopped by and needs a ride home.
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watching tv
drinking a whiskey/water
washing clothes


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Hey Butch, your cat looks like mine with shorter hair. I'll get a pic later.
How could you possibly smoke and eat ice cream at the same time? I smoked for 25 years and never liked smoking while eating, especially when eating something sweet.

I'm surfing 2-3 forums, just finished eating, reading stock market newsletters and researching some stocks, listening to some jazz on the radio, and drinking a diet coke. Hey, somebody's gotta have all the fun. :P
watching gordon ramsey kitchen nightmares, wife and the boy are sleeping on the couch together (how sweet), OJ on the desk, couple Sleeman beers in the fridge, typing out three estimates, just hung the blinds up in the bedroom for the night (we have reno work going so they have to be down by 0730), thinking about what to have as a snack, reading mail and email.
oh, and chilling here.
Popping in and outta here, returning calls, dragging my ass, playing playmobil, organizing my gear/clothes for tomorrow. Only drinking water for me and no smoking, taking a break.
2 forums

playing with my new multimeter while googling innane stuff I need to know how to use it.

Looking at generator vids, its amazing what some people will put on U tube.

Eating buffalo chicken breast.

Typing this.

BTW, nice cat!

Cruising 3 forums
Watching dogs kick the crap out of each other
Just got back from the store... beer run.

Checkin' in here every so often...

Rebuilding a Tillotson HL carb from an old Homelite,

Drinkin' said beer,

Eatin' a tuna sandwich,

Textin' girlfriend,

Browsin' high performance car parts websites,

Also browsin' old Chevy/GMC truck info,

Whew! ;)