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Paul B

I dig hammocks.
Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
sometimes I just get the feeling our values are in the wrong place. This episode check out the video of Deangelo Hall's place and cars. for playing football well he gets to live like a king and we paupers get to soldier on to just get by? How many kids in forsaken countries could eat for a lifetime for the cost of his oversized couch?
Its pathetic isnt it.

I have seen an episode or 2 where I was really suprised at how meager some of the lifestyles were. No major frills, just an average home with average belongings.
Outside the norm for people of wealth.
so dont buy tickets to games, or watch them on tv or buy paraphanilia. those are the things that enable the big wages
they used to get some from me but no longer. i dont care how they live, i just dont really care anymore
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so dont buy tickets to games, or watch them on tv or buy paraphanilia. those are the things that enable the big wages

havent paid for a ticket in years, barely watch sports on the tube and dont buy any paraphenalia, except maybe my Ferrari ball cap. ;)
only been to one pro game, would have enjoyed it as a kid but never had the chance back then
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we used to get a couple tickets a season when I was a kid, my pops was the accountant for a business that used a certain collection agency for its bad debts, the collection agency had 2 season ticket seats for the Canucks (NHL), they would give my pops tickets for throwing them lotsa business.

Funny thing, the few times I have used a collection agency, guess who I called, 20 years later ;)
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its a hockey town mostly here. we have a CFL football team, had an NBA team for a few years but it was just a sham to get the owners a team they could move to a US city when the moment was prime for them. Good junior baseball, good WHL hockey and a number of other sports.

oh, and something called the winter olympics in a year and a half. Which I wont be attending, I am just sayin...
I follow the local high school sports, and I do enjoy an Oakland A's game a couple of times a year. I love getting out of the heat here and getting into the cool breeze of the Bay Area, looking at the perfectly manicured field and watching the game played as close to perfection as it gets, well sometimes anyway. Professional sports are entertainment, and the players are entertainers just like actors or musicians. I don't know that the money spent on their monsterous houses is wasted, some contractor built it and they spread it around and it trickles down to those willing to work for it. They pay huge amounts of taxes too. In the doctor'os office on time I was reading Sports Illustrated and they were reporting on Mike Tyson's financial info because of some child support thing. He spent over a half a miillion a year on lawn and yard maintenance for his three houses. Way more than his child/spousal support that he was in court fighting.