Moving a Cedrus libani -- Cedar-of-Lebanon

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Has anyone ever heard of a MATURE cedar of lebanaon being moved. This tree is, according to the owner of the house and garden it lives in, over 150 years old. Not too tall, say 35-40', very well looked after...but I aint never heard of moving one this big. They're selling up and want to take the tree too...Only I think the tree isn't gonna like it. Any ideas?
soil analisis to be sure the new location is compatible. maybe root prune a quarter of the roots from each side at root ball edge and backfill with well draining soil and root stimulant. that way when the time comes its not such a big shock. im just winging it here
Hire a professional & hope for the best.
I'd love to even witness such an undertaking.
Consider that atleast 1/3 of the dripline will need to go with it.
Dripline : The area of ground space underneath a tree that covers the entire area of its canopy shadow at high noon.
where you at??

I'm in a zone 5/6 lots of lebanon cedars crapped out a few years ago when we had a bad winter. Lots of my friends are displaced lebanese refugees (Armenians). There USED to be a lot of 'em around here......(the trees, the armos are still here:))
Before you begin to prepare the tree, prepare the owners. Tree moving of this scale can be very expensive. If they are looking to just plop down $5000 and be done with it, I would expect the tree to die.

Put together as inclusive of a bid as you can and go over the numbers with them. If they are still excited, then you can start getting into details. If you show them a 5 digit number and they don't like it, at least you won't have wasted too much time.

Take the biggest rootball you can.

Make the new home as much like the old home as possible.

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Thanks guys - I have passed on some more information to the owners, including the financial undertaking versus risk....needless to say they have gone away to think about it and consider a soil analysis test at their new home...but it would be real crazy if they came back to proceed....gulp.