Mini skids?

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I broke my boxer the other day, emergency uprooting walnut over my buddys house, as I grabbed a limb with the BMG and curled backwards the mount broke off for the curl cylinder, not the original cylinder so I had to move the mount up and double its height, the added leverage and heat affected zone from the welding made the tube super weak and the mount tore out, had to use my buddys tractor to pick up the BMG and straighten it out so I could drop it off and get the machine into his shop to weld it up
sorry, no pics, dogshit welds arent good, Kyle has pics of my "fix" to finish the job if he feels the need to chime in lmao
very annoying, atleast he had a welder on the job so I could get back to work, was down for 4 hours or so
one reason equipment sucks, but I beat the ever living hell out of that boxer, so the fact I havent tore it in half is saying something
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The bank's, and your customer's, and your college savings since your're a pro already.
the bank dont want to give me money
no college savings, no interest
customers yes, I just gotta do 70K in work before that truck sells, but not really that hard considering how much im working right now