Mini-skid ramps?


Sep 25, 2006
Vernon, B.C.
Heh for all y'all out there with mini's how are you transporting them? For those using ramps into the back of a truck would you mind letting me know how long your ramps are? And how high the truck/deck that you're loading onto is? Also what type of skidsteer you're using?
I think LJ has some big heavy ramps. I am sure he put up pics or some such here before.
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Cool Willie, I'd be a little overweight for those ramps are you as well? I beleive the 950 with the bmg on is around 2000lbs?

I think LJ has some big heavy ramps. I am sure he put up pics or some such here before.

Paul I'm thinking those pics are probably gone?
I use 10 ft. long folding arched aluminum ramps rated at 1500 lbs. per ramp, 3000 lbs per pair. My truck bed height is 36 inches. I also place a 4X8 board standing up under the middle of the ramp for added support.

I try to move the mini skid with my equipment trailer if at all possible instead of loading it in the truck.
I use Melcher ramps. Currently rated at 2500 lbs. apiece, but they actually are rated at 3000. Worry about liability made them change the sticker on the side of them.

They are light weight, and easy to set up on the truck. Mine are 8 footers.
I fabricated some from steel, 10ft long. BURLEY as hell. I load a one ton, slide ramps in. When unloading, I grab the ramps with the mini. Sometimes I use them to create a bridge across a ditch. Been beating the heck out of em for 4 yrs now, no damage. Each ramp weighs around 70lb, probably. They are no lightweghts, but they can take the toture. Cost me 200 to build.
here they are, great for goin across gaps
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I got these from Mackie Enterprises Inc. They are 8'. Since I put new leaf springs on, the angle is to steep so I'm thinking of replacing them with 10'. So, IMO get 10'. Work with tall or short rigs. And I find it more comfortable to load backwards, the pics are from the first day.

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Cool I'm wanting to work something out where I can load it into the back of my forestry unit dump, but I don't wanna get crushed either. Just didn't feel right throwing that hedge into the chipper by hand yesterday with the new toy sitting at home.8)
10 feet would be ideal, might smash your hands against the ceiling when loading or unloading with steep ramps. i like to load backwards also, except when i put the platform on the back it now scrapes the ramps at the bottom. i need to raise it an inch
ive put it in my chiptruck and pick up, not the bucket, i think id need the longer ramps. i did load darins stumper in the back with those ramps but i backed up to a hill so it wasnt so steep. i just know that since i started to take my tailgate off to load my hand gets a little close to the ceiling as it rocks up. prolly different with wheels though