Mini loader breaks trac


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Aug 5, 2005
My boxer 526 freaking split the trac.
The metal just broke in half and i called Boxer up , uhh guess what?
Yep they have had major problems with that and the factory is out of tracs but will have the new ones in in a week.
In the mean time they r sending me a used trac.
Sheeww bad bad timing we got 15k in jobs to do this week.
I am bummed.
Oh also last night i flipped ls180 up on its back and had to have a giant tow truck come and pull it .:cry:
I hope they send you a replacement for free.

I bought new tracks for my vermeer mini this spring and it set me back almost $800.
split any pics. I have almost 1000hrs on the original set:/:
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Yeah John ill post pics >Dude the metal split or cracked right in the middle.
They sent me a used one ,looks almost new, so mad props to them.
I got 460 hours and the tracks look pretty bad .
My men think a pice of large gravel did it.
It looks like pot metal.
The Boxer folks say they have been having problems.But the were quick to send me for free a replacement trac which i got today.Boxer is awesome.
New traxxxx next week ,,,,yo.
Ill post up pics ....
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John could you lay off the emicon.
Did you really think i never climbed darkstar?:what:
the metal part broke? you know the make of your track? no mo funny faces.........................................................................

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No i did climb two route both named the Dark Star.
Both were really really good climbs .
Thats why i chose darkstar for a screen name .
Why did u chose master blaster?
Did you blast your self?
Anyhow The original Darkstar is in the pals south sierra.
It was once known as the baddest ass high sierra climb on the east side,
The other Darkstar is located at Tennessee Wall , google it,
Its a serious free climb .
But the real cool thing about it is it goes up this supa overhanging naturaL arch, then tops out directly under a giant waterfall on a 5 foot strip of dry rock. So as you climb the head wall you have water rusing down on both sides , its awesome.
Its the biggest baddest most steepest climb at T wall overhanfing about 60 feet or more in 120 feet she is steep.
The darkstar has a giant waco in the roof ,,,, you could have a tea party in this bubble and look out onto the waterfall.
Awww i talk to much about rockclimbing yall dont understand i think..... Sorry
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Hey John you wont believe this other trac split a week later now i have these new super tracs they are very beefy.Supposedly the new tracs dont have those problems.They are so thick that Boxer told me to take off the sprokets to put them on ...Fark that,, i just put on like normal but it was deffinatly harder.