Mexoryl Sunscreen

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I know most of us laugh this stuff off. I did for a while too. I have friends from Ireland who told me about this sunscreen they use over there that contains Mexoryl. I did some research, and have been having it shipped to me since 2004. In 2006 it was approved by the FDA. The brand that was approved was and it just so happens its the same stuff I was using anyways. They are owned by L'oreal. This is a terrific product, and is the only sunscreen approved by the FDA to protect against ALL UVA and UVB rays.

Do some tooling around through the link I posted above and you'll see what I mean. Also Google the brand and the word Mexoryl itself and you will get a good idea of its benefits. Its a bit expensive but, its readily available at CVS. They have an agreement with the FDA and L'oreal to market this product. I cant find the report, but somewhere it said that SPF 15 Mexoryl is like SPF 40-50 of "normal" sunscreen!