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I've owned a few. I'm shooting a Mamiya RZ-67 these days. What do you need to know?

Nothing personal Paul... but DPReview is to photography what AS is to Tree work... actually it makes AS seem pretty nice. All they do at DPR is argue and posture. The moderation is ridiculous... and I'm not just saying that because I was banned either.

Best photography forums on the net are and

Medium format information is slowly getting to be harder to come by but there are still a few die hards on the Camel.
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First off are there any still available that are not range finders? Where you are looking through the lens.

A friend of mines Dad just past & they have offerd one of his Mamiya 6s for paymnet on removal of a large Cottonwood. Truth be known I would remove it for free.
The camera has never been used & I really know nothing about it. I do love taking pics.
Damn dude, if you're into medium format the Mamya 6 is a sweet camera... assuming it's the modern one... there's a really old one with a fixed lens that I know nothing about.

It's a rangefinder camera because that takes out a lot of weight and vibration... it shoots a little sharper than an SLR. Mamiya glass is is top quality. What lens is on it?

The thing about MF is that it's film and you have to have a lab that will process and print for you unless you want to go the home darkroom route.

The camera body without lens looks like it sells used in good condition for $700 to $900, with an 80mm lens... probably $1100 - $1300. To sell it on ebay you'd get between 60% and 80% of that depending on the camera's condition, which lens it has and how you were holding your tongue when you listed it.

What makes that camera special is it's size and weight, it's very compact for an MF camera. Mamiya is a top tier maker. The thing is, if you're not seriously into photography (I mean geek serious) and you own a digital camera... you're not gonna shoot it much. It's just so much more involved getting the images in print or digital format.

If it was me, I'd do the job because I collect cameras... but I'd still shoot my digital Nikon most of the time.
Maybe try a PM to doug babcock or I can call him. I believe he was quite familiar with these.
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Storm stuff has kept me away from the computer.....Thanks for the replies & offers of help.

Blinky, this camera has never been used. My friends Dad purchased 3 of everything he was fond of. Not sure what lens is on it or know anything about the other in the case. I do know they are both Mamya.
The camera I want is a Canon EOS 40D. My friend Steve & his family is OK with me selling the Mamya to purchase what I want......So all is good!!

EDIT: Just got off the phone with a local camera store. They will do a straight swap for 40D body with 2 lenses. I think some reserch is in order to make sure that is fair.