Headache !
Aug 12, 2006
I've made meatballs 100 different ways, but nothing stands up to the (extra large) batch I made tonight.
They sucked ?
They were dry & so compact I could barely sink my teeth into one.
I'm really bummed 'cause I spent atleast $15 & 3 hours of my time making them.
Anybody gotta kill recipe for BBQ meatballs ???
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Meatballs? How can you fix meatballs wrong? It sounds like you overcooked them.

Mebe. :/:
Actually, for the first time, I baked them instead of pan frying 'em. Justdammitman.
This was my recipe :
2 lbs. ground round
1 lb. ground pork
3 med. onions, grated
1 C. Itlalian bread crumbs
1 T. minced garlic
1 XL egg
1 T. Mrs. Dash
1 T. Old Bay
Roll the meatballs in flour to coat.
Meatballs freeze really well, so I made a huge batch.
I wondered if maybe I overmixed the ingredients ? They were really compact, unpleasant.
Live-n-learn I guess.
I think the compact part is how they get overcooked pretty easy. I have only made them a few times. My mamma used to make meatballs almost tennis ball sized, I loved them. I should call her and get her recipe, if its written down.
Overmixing will definitely make them denser. I would also add more liquid to the mix, either some white or rose wine, ketchup, BBQ sauce, or even just water to moisten things up. Wetter is better. ;)
The recipe sounds good. Just soak em in some sauce, maybe they will be better. That said, I bet everyone else enjoyed them!