March Madness Bracket Group


Jan 1, 2008
enid, ok
Hey guys, I made a group up at Yahoo sports for the NCAA Tourney pick-em. Everyone here is invited to join the group.

Go to Yahoo sports and find the tourney pickem.

The group ID: 129830

Password: treeguys

Fill out the bracket acording to who you think will win each game. One more way for us to talk trash!

I say too we start a little pool, say $5. If you want in, say so. The winner will get $5 from everyone on that list.

Im in the pool!
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Thats where Im at. i tried something different this yr. I went w/ all the top seeds. Did this just to see where id end up at. You know there is gonna be a spoiler in there somewhere and i always hate trying to pick that one game.

Tonite it almost ended up being Belmont! Lost to Duke by 1 and missed a last second 3 by 6". Belmont should have won that game. I bet whoever was putting up the 5 Mil $ prize was pulling for Belmont! :) Had anyone predicted that, they deserved the 5mil.