Making a snare for the Toss Wand **VIDEO**


King of Splices
Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
You can click here to see it, or search "wand snare" on youtube.


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cool vid. love the outtakes you put at the end of your vids.
Love your videos Nick. Thank you.

Now, not to be critical but..... The thsound on my end makes thyou really lissssssp.
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Yeah, I know I have a lisp. No one really told me about it until I was about 20ish. Maybe I developed it at that time.

I hate listening to the videos of me talking!

Thanks for pointing it out :P
Good vid, Nick...I have thought about making them from dental floss before, but probably not strong enough.

Good info...good teaching.
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Jamie- you don't have to coat it. I like to because it makes it a bit stiffer and easier to use. You could use just about anything. Rubber cement, shoo goo, latex paint, elmers glue...whatever you got.

Gary, dental floss will work just fine, if you use the right stuff!!!


It's made of PTFE: Polytetraflouraethyline. AKA the stuff they use to line goretex jackets.

great vid nick, very thorough. if youve a mind to do it, id love to see a vid on whipping (set up, i know), the photo thing you did was cool but im still not good at it
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Willie- I'll add that one to the list!

Carl-I have it set so that if you live in an area with VERY affordable housing you can't see the vid. :)