Magnus goes international!


May 6, 2005
South East Sweden
Well it is official!

On the 27 of June me and family will land in boston for a months visit with William Green in NH.

This will be fun!

Sounds like we'll have to form a welcoming committee.

WOW! I was spent last night. I didnt even see NH.

Greg Stoneham is NH for you, since you refuse to go anywhere that you cant see skyscrapers!
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Oh, we will be traveling a bit I think...

Canada, NY etc visiting collectors and having fun!

It is possible William will have some form of GTG there too.
If we ask him very nicely!

Is it possible we could move this to announcement MB?

William just registered and we could talk there.

Once you get to know him you will find he is a great guy!
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I would love to meet all of you!
When reading on forums it is hard to realize it is actually real sometimes.

Meeting people makes it real and very impressive.
I met a bunch of collectors from CSCF.
A lot more fun after you met up...

I started out on AS with very poor writing skills and kind of learned as I got along. Seems like a lifetime ago, but is just a couple years I think...

MB and you others that were there at the time perhaps remember....
A big thank's to all those who helped me learn is in order!
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I am getting really hyped about this trip. It is the first time I go on vacation outside Scandinavia.
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I will try to post here as we figure things out a bit better.

I am content if I can sit and enjoy a cool bevrege on the steps to Williams shop.
Evrything else is a BONUS!

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This is my last internet time, I think. Next time I will be in US!


We leave for airport in about 12 hrs.
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I will do my best to have as much fun as possible!


That thought is not a total stranger....
Who knows.... I might find a nice place to collect saws!

The Phoenix Greg?! lol
Let him get used to our asshole ways in NE first, then steer him towards hookers and drugs.